Hyper On Experience – Lord of the Null Lines

Huh, what’s going on here, some cheesy piano intro?

Hold on kiddo. Keep on listening. You see, this is from 1993, back when piano intros were excused because the tunes were badass.

It has patois samples. Kids samples. Scratching. Robot samples. A lady speaking rather convincingly about filling voids with ecstasy. Perhaps the massivest bassline ever created. Constant tempo changes making it a bitch to mix. Yeah, you hear? It’s Hyper On Experience.

This release was big for Moving Shadow, although 2 Bad Mice, Blame and some others had a few great releases before this. Moving Shadow quickly became THE hardcore/jungle/drum and bass label to be on the lookout for, with producers such as Omni Trio, Goldie, Dead Dred, Flytronix, Aquasky, Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Calyx and Teebee.

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