Huh, what’s going on here, some cheesy piano intro?

Hold on kiddo. Keep on listening. You see, this is from 1993, back when piano intros were excused because the tunes were badass.

It has patois samples. Kids samples. Scratching. Robot samples. A lady speaking rather convincingly about filling voids with ecstasy. Perhaps the massivest bassline ever created. Constant tempo changes making it a bitch to mix. Yeah, you hear? It’s Hyper On Experience.

This release was big for Moving Shadow, although 2 Bad Mice, Blame and some others had a few great releases before this. Moving Shadow quickly became THE hardcore/jungle/drum and bass label to be on the lookout for, with producers such as Omni Trio, Goldie, Dead Dred, Flytronix, Aquasky, Technical Itch, Dom & Roland, Calyx and Teebee.

March 27, 2010 Video

One of my favorite tracks ever! Thanks Michaela for the (weekly) reminder.

Nasenbluten from Newcastle, Australia – THE act in amigacore, hardcore techno/gabber created on Amiga and its sweet four 8-bit sound channels and classic old tracker software such as Protracker. Pretty lo-fi and just right for its purpose. All their initial releases came out on cassette on their own label, Bloody Fist Records. Nasenbluten also released some stuff on Lenny Dee’s Industrial Strength Records, such as this particular hit tune on the 1995 double vinyl 100% No Soul Guaranteed. Get it now.

Nasenbluten were Mark Newlands (Mark N, Overcast), Aaron Lubinski (Xylocaine) and David Melo (Disassembler).

By the way, who is in that sample? Kim Wilde? Kylie Minogue?

March 25, 2010 Video

Nice acid – dirty 808 and a hard bassline!
This was released on the Machines EP in 1993, on one of the most influential hardcore labels of all time, Industrial Strength Records.
Disintegrator is New York based John Selway and Oliver Chesler (which was also in HC-oriented DJ Skinhead and Temper Tantrum among others).

March 14, 2010 Video

So ’93!

March 7, 2010 Amiga


February 9, 2010 Video

Well, this version is actually the Justice remix.


Chicago’s own DJ Funk is one of the pioneers in ghetto house but he also made some important contributions to (acid) techno in the early nineties. Check out – for instance – Street Traxx II or The Original Video Clash. Some HARD shit! I often use his material in my mixes, can’t go wrong with a little Funk.

February 9, 2010 Video

February 2, 2010 Video


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A homage mix to Network 23, by me, a.k.a. Apat…
Tekno | 50:49 | Download

    1. 69db – Rise of the 3’s
    2. 69db – Le fuck techno IV+II
    3. R-Zac – Silver
    4. Crystal Distortion – Please wake up
    5. Spiral Tribe Collective – Doorcreak (Groove connects)

Voice: Fredrik Reinfeldt

…the mix brings me to a sloppy lo-fi video i recorded and put together some time ago:

January 27, 2010 Mixes, Video

I chopped up some footage from Look Around You and made this video a while back.

January 27, 2010 Video

January 26, 2010 Video

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