Well, this version is actually the Justice remix.


Chicago’s own DJ Funk is one of the pioneers in ghetto house but he also made some important contributions to (acid) techno in the early nineties. Check out – for instance – Street Traxx II or The Original Video Clash. Some HARD shit! I often use his material in my mixes, can’t go wrong with a little Funk.

February 9, 2010 Video

I chopped up some footage from Look Around You and made this video a while back.

January 27, 2010 Video

Legendary brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden a.k.a. Octave One. Octave One has releases on Concept, Transmat, UR, Tresor and is still going strong with their own label, 430 West.

The track in the video is called Love and hate (Off The Grid EP, 2006, Tresor 227).

January 20, 2010 Video