GNU/Linux distro timeline 9.2

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  • Discontinued 15 distros: Annvix, ATmission (dormant 3+ years), Aurox, Bluewall, FoX, GNU-HALO, Edubuntu (now addon-CD), ELX, Kororaa, Kurumin, Linspire, Morphix, Sauver, Trustix, ZoneCD (might be revived based on Gentoo)
  • Continued: All others, notably the following: alinux (DistroWatch:dormant), Bioknoppix (DW:dormant), Impi (DW:discontinued, it’s not), Nitix (DW:discontinued… it’s actively maintained by IBM for Lotus Foundations), SymphonyOS (DW:dormant)
  • Revived: none (just a few control samples checked)
  • Fixed: rPath (not a RedHat fork, designed from ground up by two ex-RedHat engineers), Ututo XS, VLOS (VidaLinux)
  • Added 50 distros: Absolute, Clonezilla Live, Coyote, CrunchBang, DNALinux, Dreamlinux, Easy Peasy, Feather, Finnix, Fluxbuntu, GeeXboX, Gentoox, Gibraltar, GoblinX, GoboLinux, gOS, Granular, Hikarunix, K12, Kaella, Kalango, Kiwi, LEAF, Linpus, MOPSLinux, Musix, NepaLinux, Nitix, OpenGEU, Papug, ParallelKnoppix, PelicanHPC, Pentoo, Poseidon, PureOS, SAM, Slackintosh, Slamd64, SLAMPP, Tinfoil Hat, TinyMe, Topologilinux, Trisquel, Tuquito, U-lite, Ututo-e, Simplis, Vine, Wolvix, ZevenOS
  • Contributors: Jake Neumann, Azure Cerulean, David Hill, Norbert Cartagena, Lus Fontenelle Carneiro, guillaume and Meric B. Mara
  • Changed README and created CONTRIBUTE file.