GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.4

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  • Added 10 distros (total 240): DeadCD, Dizinha, Dragora, Metamorphose, NeoDizinha, Netrunner, Omoikane (ARMA), QubesOS, Salix, VortexBox
  • Fixed: sidux (lowercase)
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2 (experimental)
  • Chris Watkins

    Very cool, thank you! I just learned that I can do a text search of SVG files in Firefox, so this is even more awesome.

    FYI, CrunchBang is changing its base. CrunchBang Statler, now in Alpha 2, is based on Debian Squeeze. Latest news:

    Suggestion: Is it possible to add notes, or symbols, to indicate where forked distros are binary compatible? E.g. CrunchBang is binary compatible with Ubuntu (up to version 9.04) or Debian (starting with v 10 Statler). There might be better terminology than binary compatible – I mean where they can run exactly the same packages, exactly the same way. Adding this info would be a lot of work, I realize, but would make the timeline much more useful. Could just start by adding a “binary compatible” mark in the cases that you know of, even if it’s only a handful of distros.

  • Donjan

    You’re welcome, we’re happy to hear positive feedback.

    Thanks for the CrunchBang info! It’ll be reflected in the next version (coming within the next 10 days) if #! pushes the final Statler release until then. Otherwise we’ll have it in GLDT 10.11 (not to get ahead of ourselves ;) ).

    About additional information: a feature that might make it into gnuclad 0.3 would allow you to specify mouse-over hovering info boxes, but I can’t promise anything and gnuclad 0.3 won’t be out soon (it’s planned for next February).

    We’re constantly thinking about adding another type of connectors, dots or markers, but we feel that would make the GLDT even more crowded than it already is.
    The style change from 10.7 to 10.8 also makes it a bit less marshalled, but is nice to look at.

    You see, the aesthetic aspect is the primary hurdle here, gathering the info is just a matter of time.
    If you have a vision of how your suggestion could be realised effectively, just grab the GLDT 10.9, put your idea into pixels (Inkscape is my favourite program for this) and show us your proposal on a few distros.
    Yes, that’s the artsy equivalent of “patches welcome” ;D