Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Contribute and get updates

Apart from being able to download the source files (from the tarball) and make your own version with the help of gnuclad, you can now with ease contribute to the GLDT project by submitting new distributions – or suggest changes – by usingthis form.

Also, we now have anRSS feed for updates.

GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.5

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  • Added 10 distros (total 250): ASLinux, Best, Danix, Independence, Maemo, Mamona, Midori, Moblin, Quirky, wattOS
  • Added Connectors: Debian->CrunchBang, Debian->MEPIS
  • Contributors: Kenneth Rohde Christiansen, Kevin Vesga and Jim Trocki
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2 (experimental)