GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.7

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  • Added 10 distros (total 270): Canaima, Damn Vulnerable Linux, Lubuntu, Macpup, Openfiler, openmamba, SliTaz, SMS, Tiny SliTaz, QiLinux
  • Fixed: GoblinX renamed to Imagineos
  • Improved infobox: bigger Tux! (with GNU)
  • Improved logos: now using icon field instead of including external images
  • Contributors: Pascal Bellard, Gardouille, Jason Porter and Flamel Canto
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2 (experimental)
  • Angelos

    where is parted magic?

  • cc-by-sa

    Could you release the data under a cc-by-sa license?


  • Donjan

    Seems like we haven’t included that distro yet. Care to submit it?

    Could you please offer a rationale?

  • Claitom Sega

    Very good this job!Congratulations.After doing an extensive material on my blog, where a link can point to the timeline linux, so that more people know the origin.