We’re occasionally experimenting with various layouts, for example this one. Because of the orientation it obviously needs improvements on the overlapping labels, but the fat line option offers a nice graphical cue about a distro’s “fertility”. Comments invited!


It has been technically possible to use icons instead of those dots at each distro’s starting point for a while now, yet what is missing are the icons themselves.
This means: if you, dear visitor, by any chance happen to know about a collection of a few hundred distro icons in SVG or PNG, uniformly layouted, we’d be very obliged to have a share.
You can also hand in only a few* and the GLDT may start having icons as soon as there’s a substantial portion – somewhere around 200 would be awesome for now.

* The exact format, layout, dimensions, etc. can be fixed as soon as we have a large enough set with a common denominator.

One more thing

Help is always welcome: if you happen to know that nice, overlooked, historically interesting distro, go ahead and submit it!
We’re also grateful for any spotted errors (especially those exact start/stop/fork dates sometimes only known to the founding developers themselves), which you can report via the same form.