GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.9

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  • Discontinued distros: Morphix
  • Added 10 distros (total 290): Aquamorph, Elastix, Funtoo, Jolicloud, Kongoni, MythDora, NetSecL, Ojuba, PLoP, Zentyal
  • Added connectors: Debian->Deepin, Ubuntu->Deepin, Aurora->Fedora
  • Contributors: Franco
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.2
  • ddt

    Mind add Exherbo?

  • Donjan

    Sure, could you offer a bit more info (especially the start date)?

  • SGeier

    This must be a FAQ but I don’t see a FAQ button so I’ll ask here: what are the precise selection criteria for a “Linux distribution”? I’m asking since I am considering Mac OSX very much a particular Linux: a branch of debian, with a commercial shell on top. The moment you open an xterm and type “uname -a” you know that you are using a Linux here. However as far as I can tell, it is not in your collection, so I’m guessing it doesn’t meet some kind of criteria for inclusion (which is a pity, since I consider it one of the better put-together distros out there).

  • Donjan

    I’m afraid OSX is in no way a “Linux distribution”.
    Usual GNU/Linux distributions run the Linux kernel and (parts of) the GNU userland.

    OSX runs a custom XNU kernel (a hybrid of the Mach and BSD kernels) and includes parts of GNU along with NeXT, but the majority of the system is proprietary in-house Apple software.
    Your “uname -a” should return Darwin as underlying system, which is the codename for XNU + core utilities.

    This is also the reason why we don’t include nice projects like Nexenta… they simply don’t fit the GNU/Linux category :)

  • Mozella Chaboya

    Brilliant post, keep up the good work.

  • fatecano

    It’s the same cladogram gnuclad generator?
    Is there any GUI or just run terminal?
    I’m using Ubuntu 4.10 LTS.

  • Andreas

    Well, gnuclad is the one you will find here: – it runs in the terminal, but is very easy to use. If you run into any troubles, just ask.
    I also noticed you are commenting on an old post, the latest GLDT is 10.12.
    And I’m guessing you are using Ubuntu 10.10 and not 4.10 which is very outdated. :)

  • Jerome


    Thanks for the nice work! Can you please add Mageia? Forked from Mandriva, announced Sept. 18, 2010.


  • Donjan

    We’ve added Mageia in October 2010. Please check the front page for newer versions.