GNU/Linux Distro Timeline 10.12

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  • Discontinued distros: Xandros
  • Added 11 distros (total 320): CTKarchLive, Fuduntu, GnackTrack, Haydar, Leeenux, Lin2Go, Navyn OS, Peppermint OS, Pinguy OS, pQui, Sabily
  • Fixed: Arch Hurd (not a GNU/Linux distro)
  • Contributors: Mohammed A. Mustafa, aseeon, erkin, Kendall Weaver
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.2
  • Ventus

    I like your work and I could not resist printing it and glue it together.

  • Andreas

    Nice one!

  • Khashayar Jamsahar

    it is excellent job. I like it so much and check your site each month to see the last changes.
    good luck

  • foo

    MeeGo is not based on Debian, it is an independent RPM based distro.

  • Donjan

    Of course MeeGo isn’t based on Debian, but it is based on Moblin and Maemo, both of which started out as Debian derivatives.
    See my comment in the previous GLDT release.

    @Ventus & Khashayar Jamsahar:
    Thanks, glad you like it!

  • aram

    why is ubuntu muslim edition present, and not christian edition ? and Ichthux ?

  • Donjan

    Because nobody has submitted it yet! You could help out with the exact starting dates.

  • The Loeki

    * Moblin (2) derived from Fedora, Maemo from Debian. MeeGo decided to go with RPM-/Fedora-based stuff
    * The flurry of Linux’es derived from the Linksys router firmware (OpenWRT, DD-WRT, HyperWRT etc.) are missing :)

  • Donjan

    @The Loeki:
    There is a connector fom Fedora to Moblin in 2008. See my first comment for that one.

    We’d love to include all the Linksys derivatives. Thanks for submitting OpenWRT!
    And as you now obviously know how to use the submit function… ;)

  • Claes Wallin

    While Android is a Linux derivative, it is not really a GNU/Linux distro (no posix userland, no GNU-derived libc). I wouldn’t say that OpenWRT and friends are either (posix-like userland, but busybox rather than coreutils, and usually no GNU-derived libc).

    Maybe it’s time to change the name of this graph to “Linux distro timeline”?

  • Donjan

    @ Claes:

    I’m not sure about how much GNU there is in OpenWRT, but the answer to whether it’s a GNU/Linux distro is simple:
    According to Eric Andersen, busybox contains GNU code. Which makes sense of course, no point in wasting good free code.

    You’re right about Android however… although it’s compatible with GNU tools (which I’ve seen first hand and thus assumed it was fitting in here), I couldn’t find any proof that there is actual GNU code in the default release.
    Will be removed in the next version of the GLDT, thanks for bringing it up!

    As for the naming: We could name it “Linux distro timeline” and include Android.
    Then again, we could name it “GNU distro timeline”, which would enable us to list projects such as Nexenta, Arch Hurd (which already accidentally slipped in once), Preventa and all the Debian variants.

    Or we’ll stick with “GNU/Linux distro timeline” for now ;)

  • Calimero

    Wonderful work !
    I think something leaks, for liveCDs that aren’t in any way forks of the distro they are based on.
    For instance, my livecd isn’t a distro, but just a setup of arch! (preinstalled packages +config)

    Something like this is possible (done for archbang and ctkarch) :

    But yes, this is a lot of work… Instead, you could use the same color for the line, when liveCDs aren’t forks of the distro (that is, are using its official repositories).
    Maybe this is a better idea. :)

  • Donjan

    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Our current policy is to include only “forks”, that means either separate code & repository (like Debian->Ubuntu) or separate website & community (~ a fork-ish remix like Ubuntu->Kubuntu).
    We’d rather not add remixes that can be achieved with one line in your favourite repository tool (otherwise the Ubuntu subtree would be three times larger).

    As for your example… I understand you mean versioning? We have done something similar in our BSD timeline, but this is a huge amount of work. Now if you’d like to volunteer… ;)