Yo dawg, we herd you like timelines, so we put a timeline in your timeline so you can browse a timeline while you browse…. OK, OK, I’ll stop already.

Here’s a graphical evolution of the GLDT from it’s inception up to now.

  • http://livecd.gnustep.org Gurkan Sengun

    Would you mind adding http://livecd.gnustep.org/ ?
    It’s been there since around 2004. Thank you

  • Donjan

    @Gurkan Sengun:
    Hehe, you’re persevering ;)

    This demo liveCD for GNUstep is actually Debian. (similar to, for example, the Xen demo liveCD… which is also Debian, just with Xen preinstalled)

    You can get the same result on a Debian or Ubuntu installation with the following one-liner:
    sudo aptitude install gnustep gnustep-devel gnustep-games wdm menu

    Not sure if it makes sense to add it…

  • http://livecd.gnustep.org Gurkan Sengun

    wait a second, what do you think are the hundreds of other debian and ubuntu based distros, anything else? even if they sell it so?

  • Donjan

    I’d say for example Mint deviates quite a bit from Ubuntu. And you wouldn’t get Kubuntu in one single aptitude line either (particularly the boot and kdm parts).

    Besides the “ease of conversion” argument a separate project also should have a distinct developer team, community, web presence, Wiki/FAQ/Forum, etc… which for example isn’t exactly given for the 9 Fedora respins (and hey, I’m a Fedora/Debian user).
    Sure, we were a bit more lax with the requirements a few years ago, nowadays quite a few proposals don’t get included ;)

  • http://livecd.gnustep.org Gurkan Sengun

    my description is very basic too, i do have added content, software, packages, configurations to the thing, it’s not just that line, but basically it gives you the base to build on, using the debian or ubuntu systems. anyways – have a nice weekend