GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.3

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  • Discontinued distros: Slamd64
  • Added 10 distros (total 350): ComFusion (Uberyl), Conducit, FrameOS, GNUGuitarINUX, Hanthana, Madbox, Nova, Parsidora, Progress, Ubuntu CE
  • Renamed: MOPSLinux -> AgiliaLinux
  • Fixed: connector Debian->CrunchBang
  • Contributors: AleJol, Gustavo, Marco A. Pollolinux, Vicente jiménez Aguilar, vladimir
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.3
  • Christophe Poucet

    Awesome graph.

    Here’s another one for you:

    Voyage Linux is a Debian derived distribution. As far as I can tell it started in 2005.

  • jospoortvliet

    Wasn’t Moblin based on Fedora, using rpm, Yum and all? Afaik MeeGo is now pretty much based on openSUSE, using Zypper package management, the openSUSE Build Service to build it etc but including elements from Debian and Fedora still ;-)

    Check: and

  • Donjan

    @Christophe Poucet:
    Thanks! Will be added.

    Yes, Moblin is a bit of a mess from a historian’s point of view ;) (v1.0 was a Debian fork, v2.0 based on Fedora)
    Plus we’re currently somewhat technically limited in our options on how to display those relations.
    Anyway, thanks for the links.

  • mintfan

    One more: Linux Mint Debian Edition

    It’s aiming to be exactly like mine but avoids Ubuntu altogether and uses Debian repositories instead.

  • mintfan

    * “exactly like minT” not “mine”, sorry.


    Excelent timeline! Thanks for your effort! :-)

  • Donjan

    We thought about including LMDE, but it’s not a separate project (as in a distinct developer team, community, web presence, Wiki/FAQ/Forum, etc.), so it’s hard to add it but not Mint KDE, XFCE, etc.
    If it splits apart more in future, we’ll retroactively include it ;)
    As of now, there is a connector from Debian.

    @Manuel Ignacio López Quintero:
    You’re welcome!