Canned Distros

After a short break, we present you a preview of the soon to be ready GLDT 11.6 in the form of conveniently packed slices for longevity and maximum enjoyment of your personal favourite distribution:
Arch, Debian, Fedora*, Gentoo, Knoppix, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Slackware and Ubuntu.

* Note that the Fedora tree is grossly underrepresented due to the still-work-in-progress rebasing mechanism in gnuclad…

  • SergeantFTC

    Cool! I’ve been waiting on a new version for a while.

  • passstab

    maybe you can do the bsds too now
    will the old format stay as well?
    maybe you should make a none of the above one also
    thanks for all the work

  • Donjan

    We’ll try to post the standard format GLDT monthly ;)
    What do you mean with the BSDs? As far as we’re concerned, anyone is free to take up and extend this one.

  • Stefan12345

    And, of course, the Debian is the winner! ;-)

    These are just great news!