GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.7

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  • Discontinued distros: none
  • Added 10 distros (total 380): BlueOnyx, DEFT, Greenie, Jollix, Linvo, LPS, Newtoos, PLATYPUX, Semplice, SlaXBMC
  • Added connectors: Fedora->Kororaa
  • Contributors: Analekto, Connor Wood, Galin
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • Galin

    And where is exactly Kororaa linked? It’s not forked from Fedora? I see it ending (Gentoo), but it’s not linked afterwards (Fedora). It’s an active distribution, you know…

  • Donjan

    Ah, it’s “linked” at the end of 2010 all right, but I’ve forgot to revive Kororaa :)
    Will fix it soon. Thanks!

  • Valent Turkovic

    I saw that Fusion Linux has been added to this list, thank you for that!

    I know of two other Fedora Remixes that aren’t currently on your list – Omega (not sure if it is discontinued or not) and Russian Fedora Remix.


  • Ron

    Hi !

    Great Job, thank you.

    Your timeline is so nice, I had to try gnuclad.
    Well, I succeded to make it work on Windows !

  • mario

    We decided to base ConnochaetOS on Arch Linux, but completely rebuild, since we want to support i586, and replace some packages with our own ones, because of footprint, stability or freedom.

  • Nanonai

    This timeline is accumulating some heavy-duty cruft. Just looking at the Gentoo tree: Gentoox and Pentoo are two years dormant, while Jollix has been stone dead for half a decade, On the other hand, some recent distros (like ChameleonOS) are added before it’s even certain they’ll make a release.

    By all means, keep up the good work. Maybe a little more care in adding distros?

  • goat

    Showed this to a friend, and they pointed out that Jewbuntu isn’t on here. Not sure if it really counts, as it’s more of a joke, but here’s their site.

  • Rivia Luthine

    [Google Translate]
    What should I do or what to meet to my distribution was on the schedule? :)

    Co musz? zrobi? lub co spe?ni?, by moja dystrybucja znalaz?a si? na grafiku? :)

  • Andreas

    Yeah, to me that looks like a (4 year old) joke.

    @Rivia Luthine:
    You should submit your distribution here:

    Great to hear it works fine on Windows too.

    To the rest, thanks for your suggestions. We read all comments, but for convenience, please send us your corrections via the form on

    We like when people get involved. It’s hard to keep track of everything on such a large diagram, so we certainly need and appreciate your help.

  • Donjan

    Thank you.
    We already have a connector from Arch to then-DeLi when they adopted pacman in 2008, but I’ll try to represent it a bit better with the full switch now.

    You! Get over there!
    And don’t you stop submitting corrections!

    As for ChameleonOS, they did a release more than a year ago, we’ve added them this February. I don’t see the issue.

    On a more serious note, we’re simply not enough people to overview and interval-check all the distros currently listed (… or at least I’m not going to spend a huge amount of my spare time doing this). Thus we need people to tell us, as Andreas already said.

    Anway, thanks! =)