Crowdsourcing, does it work?

After a short essay on methodology we’re curious to find out whether there are any master-snoops among our audience.
We present exhibit M, a rare specimen we know nothing about but for the fact that it was compiled from bits of Gentoo. Hence we call publicly for any hints or leads regarding this elusive distribution!

Meanwhile, a gentle reader has drawn to our attention the fact that Damn Vulnerable Linux is currently listed as a Slax derivate by the major pundit places, while it certainly boasted a Damn Small Linux pedigree in it’s very beginnings. The switch has happened, but everyone claims not to have seen when it did! Have you?

And just in case anyone needs more material, here’s our current ToDo buffer.

  • Connor

    In the todo buffer, there is no mention of the Basic Linux/Alpha Development Environment. This isn’t in the time line either. I can’t find much information on it, apart from some installation disks from an FTP (and I can’t even remember which one now… anyone know how to get history in FileZilla?) It is for the digital alpha family, and runs on the 1.3 kernel. There is a dead link in one of the files,, which, when loaded in the wayback machine, mostly points to On here, on all archives of the site, there is no mention of BLADE at all.

  • Donjan

    Thanks for looking into it.

    Linux 1.3 could mean 1995 or 1996.
    Alphalinux seems to be the then-new name of the Linux/Alpha (axplinux) project, and BLADE (with a written out form slightly different from what you wrote, if wer’re talking about the same thing) is supposedly one actual distro release. Source from 1995.

    I think this isn’t enough data to add it so far, so I’ll just update the ToDo.

  • Connor

    And then there’s also the Linux Router Project ( Once again, no mention in the todo, or the timeline.