GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.1

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  • Discontinued distros: gnuLiNex, gOS
  • Added 11 distros (total 410): Bodhi, Exherbo, FireFly, Pear OS, Kwort, MAX, mkLinux, Tails, Viperr, webOS, XBMC Live
  • Added connectors: Gentoo->Chromium OS, Ubuntu->Deepin, Red Hat->MkLinux
  • Fixed: AtheOS (no Linux kernel), swapped Syllable (no Linux kernel) for Syllable Server, DOSLINUX website, nUbuntu end date
  • Contributors: 幻 (tianyizhihuan), Adam McDaniel, AKP, Bernhard Frauendienst, David B. Cortarello, dothebart, Gonzalo Alcalde, Ingmar Vanhassel, James Snyder, Javier Rodríguez Pascua, Jeff Bower, Jeff Hoogland, knowitall, Pablo, Sergio Conde
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • IK

    Did Crunchbang back to Debian based?

  • DarthWound

    @IK : CrunchBang is Debian based since Statler Alpha1 :)

    I don’t know who added Viperr (I am behind this derivative), so thanks a lot to you dear unknown contributor !

  • mar04

    kateOS is dead since 2008 or 2009

  • Neschur
  • Altuzar

    Hi. Modded a little bit the SVG with Font Sizes based on Distrowatch popularity.

    Hope you like it. Greets!

  • Andreas

    Thank you all for your suggestions, in the future please consider using the “Submit distribution” form in the menu — it’s also for corrections — to make sure we don’t miss anything. That way we get a nicely formatted message sent to us directly.

    Altuzar: Cool! We have been playing around with different ways of displaying “popularity”, for example with the line thickness – but this is also an interesting way of doing it. Might be useful. If you have more ideas or find out an even nicer way to do it design-wise, keep us updated!

  • Altuzar

    Awesome. I will. =D

    Happy Hackin’

  • Mike

    What about MINIX aka MINUX?
    by Andrew S. Tanenbaum included with his book in 1987. (Currently up to MINIX 3.0)
    followed by Torvald’s Linux?

  • Arne Babenhauserheide

    Isn’t exherbo a Gentoo descendant? Its package manager began its life as a Gentoo portage replacement, but the package trees are different nowadays.

  • Mark Holmquist

    According to the above, Ututo is based on Gentoo–just FYI. Somewhat important, actually, considering that no other Gentoo-based distributions are fully free software (on the list above).

    Of course, my luck, it’s focused on Spanish speakers.

  • Donjan

    Thanks, though a tad more precision wouldn’t hurt ;) (links, announcements… stuff we have to find anyway if we want to end the line… nevermind, I’ve looked for the last developer activity in their translated forum)



    Minix is not a GNU/Linux distribution.

    @Arne Babenhauserheide:
    Exherbo is influenced by Gentoo, but not a derivative. This is modeled by the very thin (hardly visible because of the colour) connector between the two.

    @Mark Holmquist:
    Yes, Ututo has been Gentoo-based since early 2002. Again this is modeled by a connector, though Gentoo’s colour makes it somewhat camouflaged ;)