GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.10

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  • Discontinued distros: Dreamlinux
  • Continued: Damn Small Linux
  • Added 10 distros (total 480): KaarPux, NixOS, OpenELEC, OpenNode, Santoku, Slack/390, Vulnix, Whonix
  • Renamed: QubesOS -> Qubes OS
  • Fixed: Bedrock (not Gentoo based), Dreamlinux URL, Kaella URL, KateOS URL, Resulinux URL, Symphony OS URL
  • Contributors: Fred, aszlig, D. M., phil, lixiao
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • When using LibreOffice Calc, turn on “quoted field as text”
  • gr0undzer0

    Hope to see a new timeline soon!

  • Guest

    It seems that MythDora’s final version was in Apr, 2010.

  • Guinness

    Beautiful graph. I did notice that ROCKS is misplaced. It’s actually a derivative of CentOS, so it’s depicted far upstream of it’s actual position.

  • William P

    SymphonyOS is now using Ubuntu as it’s base (as of 22 Jan, 2014)

  • William P

    Fuduntu has ended support as of 2013-12-28 according to

  • William P

    Synergy looks like it is dead goes to a host parking page.

  • hunt259

    How was this chart created, or what program was used to generate the chart? i have a set of data i would like to display like this.

  • alyosha

    Thanks for the site/graphics!
    [1] Ditto re fuduntu: “discontinued” at
    [2] Fusion is “dormant” at , seems so at sourceforge, latest at is 2011.
    [3] “Kororaa” based on Gentoo has for a few years been “Korora”, a remix of Fedora:

    Edit: Oops, now i see the faint dotted line for the Korora change. Seems many people have a hard time with this: far better to stop the horizontal at the old version and resume it at the new. Best, a

  • appzer0

    Discontinued : GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline. ;)

    Seems that the timeline has not been updated since 2012…

  • Donjan

    Heh, make that “dormant”.
    I’m planning on rewriting gnuclad before I invest more time into the current data format. But now there’s been a big increase in priorities and responsibilities in my life in the last two years… so I’m planning on doing a lot of other things first ;)
    It may happen at some point. And remember: all our data is freely usable under the GFDL!

  • appzer0

    No problem, should be hellish to maintain, considering a ubuntu spin-off is released every week… Thanks for the code BTW, I used gnuclad myself to make an Indie-and-From-Scratch distros timeline, here:

  • appzer0

    I top-replied to you, sorry ;)

  • Jokaer0

    Crunchbang ($!) is listed under Ubuntu but its derived from debian

  • Jokaer0


  • jokaer0

    #! ffs

  • enebro

    Could you include in the next release the KaOS distribution? Thanks!

  • DJLinuxGod

    Android needs to be on this. Yes, it IS Linux.

  • de


  • shirish

    the tool seems to be gnuclad.

  • Carlos Serrano

    Is this gonna be updated?

  • xDR1TeK

    You might not believe it, but i printed it and placed at my desk at work.
    I think it is very important not to focus on distros that can be matched by parent distro. but child distros can help with specific target applciations.
    So I thought it is very important to keep at close hand at all time.