GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.10

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  • Discontinued distros: Dreamlinux
  • Continued: Damn Small Linux
  • Added 10 distros (total 480): KaarPux, NixOS, OpenELEC, OpenNode, Santoku, Slack/390, Vulnix, Whonix
  • Renamed: QubesOS -> Qubes OS
  • Fixed: Bedrock (not Gentoo based), Dreamlinux URL, Kaella URL, KateOS URL, Resulinux URL, Symphony OS URL
  • Contributors: Fred, aszlig, D. M., phil, lixiao
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • When using LibreOffice Calc, turn on “quoted field as text”
  • Princess Jetbeard

    Great stuff! But I found a bug: five distros (ArtistX, Everest, Qomo, SAMity, ASP) have relative URLs that start with ‘www.’, rather than ‘http://www.’, so clicking on them will take you to, for example, rather than

  • Donjan

    Thanks, good catch! Will be corrected in the next release.

  • Richard

    Does Android also count as a Linux distribution?

  • Patofet

    No, but I think that Android is a linux distr ^^

  • Miquel Mayol i Tur

    Thanks for your work.

    I see Chromium OS as a debian derivate and I remember it was a SUSE RPM based one, made from the SUSE web tool to make your own distro – I do not think they changed it, but if they have done this change it must be at the 2 branches -

    For better understanding perhaps ARM and future ARM64 distros can have their own chart without put them out of this generic one.

  • Paganini

    Muy interesante!

  • hug0

    What about SolusOS?, should be in the next update

  • Donjan

    Depends… see here.

    @Miquel Mayol i Tur:
    Sure, but could you please provide a link to changelogs/release announcements that make this evident?

    As for branching off ARM distros: you (and everyone else!) are highly welcome to take our data, download gnuclad and build your own version.

    Thanks :)

    Yep, it got submitted while we were preparing this release.

  • Shiba87

    Si es la misma que creo, la versión basada en Suse era un proyecto creado por algunos usuarios para crear una distro que se pareciera a Chromium OS y no la versión creada por Google que siempre ha estado basada en Debian

  • joel

    CrunchBang is not based in Ubuntu. It is Debian based.

  • andruwx


  • bbb

    Is xPUD still continued? I don’t think so.

  • Armando Arzate

    ¡Muchas gracias!

  • lcafiero

    That’s correct. But the chart is correct — if you look at the CrunchBang line, since it started out as a Ubuntu-based distro, there is a small dotted line in 2010 leading up to Debian when it switched.

    I’m not sure if there’s a better way to signify changes when distros change bases, but I think it works for now.

  • Larry Cafiero

    Andreas — A million thanks for making this chart. It is a outstanding resource, historically speaking, and I know it’s a huge effort to stay on top of things. I use this often to point out where distros come from and where they’re going.

    Joel, in a comment below, makes an interesting point about CrunchBang — and I know there’s a line in 2010 leading from its Ubuntu start to its current Debian based state. But I’m just wondering if any thought was given to other ways of making the distinction that a distro has changed its base (Using CrunchBang as an example, my only idea is keeping the vertical line and stopping the horizontal line in the CrunchBang Ubuntu-base, then having a fork at Debian at the date CrunchBang changed bases and a line marked CrunchBang from that point, under Debian, extending to the present).

    Full disclosure: I’m a CrunchBang user.

  • John Sheu

    Chromium OS apparently started out as a Debian derivative years ago, but it’s been Gentoo-based for years now. Switch?

  • djangofan

    I have a problem with this image. It suggests that Redhat, Debian, (etc.) doesn’t derive from Linus’s original kernel. This is a significant error in the image IMHO.

  • Donjan

    The plan is to rewrite the gnuclad node model such that arbitrary paths are feasible, then let the SVG generator reflow the lines to their new parent distro (similarly to how they branch off right now).
    But since gnuclad is a side project of a side project (=GLDT) for me, doing big rewrites is fairly low priority. I’ll get around to it, at some point. Patches welcome :)

    Sure, please document this with some links.

    Red Hat and Debian (don’t) derive from the Linux kernel project in the same manner they (don’t) derive from the Mozilla Firefox project. Ian Murdock, Marc Ewing, etc. simply packaged and distributed collections of various upstream code.
    Linux itself was the last missing piece, GNU the biggest part, hence we call it GNU/Linux and not X11/GNOME/Firefox or such. But you can have Debian without GNU and/or without Linux.
    I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to convey, be more precise please.

  • dnano91

    what about cinnarch? it’s arch based (obviously ;) )

  • jr

    Demolinux should be DemoLinux. (capital L) Branch off RedHat then off Mandrake.



  • Abdelraouf Adjal

    Android it is not GNU/Linux … it is use Linux kernel but not GNU tools

  • However

    The Linux Foundation believes that it is indeed a Linux Distro.

  • See
  • Someone

    Hi, Garuda OS shouldn’t be added to this GNU/Linux distribution timeline. They did not even include the single word “Linux” on their website. They do not recognize themselves as Linux distributions. They are controversial. Thanks. Sorry for my bad english :)

  • Matteo Carniglia

    Backtrack is an Ubuntu derivate, not a Knoppix One.
    And there are some new distros such as Kali, Arche17 and Archpup.

  • cnbohu
  • cnbohu
  • IsacDaavid

    Surely Android is a Linux distro/derivative, but the point is that it isn’t a GNU/Linux distro, so it’s beyond the “GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline” scope.

  • IsacDaavid

    I know Android has no GNU on it, but don’t know if Meego, Maemo, Mer and Tizen do. Do they not?

  • Nick Black

    Hey there! Fantastic and admirable resource. Should it be convenient, we here at SprezzOS would appreciate being listed on the next iteration. We are a derivative of Debian Unstable.

    Hack on!

  • Abdelraouf Adjal

    Android not GNU/Linux, you can sey it is use Linux (the kernel).

  • Jristz

    Meego and Maemo have bash, sharutils, coreutils and others gnu utils…mean yes

    confirmed here

  • IsacDaavid

    Nice to hear. Lack of shell scripting is one of the many things why I don’t consider Android a true mature computer platform (just as any other mobile OS’s).

    Back to my question, since Meego and Maemo are actual GNU/Linux distros, shouldn’t they be included in the timeline?

  • Pepijn de Vos

    This is not clear to me at all. It took me a good minute to find the line even after I read your comment.

    I’d say the simplest way to go about it is to discontinue the old base and add a new line from the new base. Maybe with a (thicker) dotted line from the end of the first line to the start of the second

  • Anthony Thomasel

    I noticed you have SuSe as a Slackware derivative. As long as I can remember (back to 1999 at least), SUSe wass a RedHat derivative.


    Brutalware used to be somewhat popular here (slackware based, 1996?-???)

  • Lucas

    There is a issue with distro called “Posseidon”.
    It was based on Kurumin until 2.0, after that is is based on Ubuntu.


  • Ark74

    Trisquel is no longer based on Debian Since the 2.0 release, the current one is 6.0.

    Also gNewSense is now based on Debian with it’s latest release.

  • Name

    bump. agreed. crunchbang is simply not a derivative of ubuntu anymore. as it is, the line suggests crunchbang got some influence from debian circa 2010 but remains to be ubuntu based.

  • xose

    Earliest “SUSE Linux distributions” were originally ONLY a German translation of Slackware.

    For building its *very own distribution* of Linux SUSE used the _jurix_ distribution as a fresh start point.

    For more info:

  • xose

    Fedora is the continuation of Red Hat Linux.

    And Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a *branch* of them.

  • Agilo

    I’m missing DSLinux (platform: Nintendo DS) based on uCLinux.

  • Ferry Roland

    Where’s newer GNUlinux distribution timeline? if yes,you can make version timeline 13 anyway.

  • nerrr


    Antergos , Grusha

  • nerrr


  • Geoffrey De Belie

    Symphony OS is discontinued, but still listed.

  • Geoffrey De Belie
  • Bojan

    what software is used to draw this timeline?

  • Dirk Teschner

    @Bojan, please see the links on top of the page. It’s called “gnuclad cladogram generator”.

  • toto

    crunchbang Linux is based on Debian, not ubuntu, since end 2010 / beginning 2011. cf.