GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.10

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  • Discontinued distros: Dreamlinux
  • Continued: Damn Small Linux
  • Added 10 distros (total 480): KaarPux, NixOS, OpenELEC, OpenNode, Santoku, Slack/390, Vulnix, Whonix
  • Renamed: QubesOS -> Qubes OS
  • Fixed: Bedrock (not Gentoo based), Dreamlinux URL, Kaella URL, KateOS URL, Resulinux URL, Symphony OS URL
  • Contributors: Fred, aszlig, D. M., phil, lixiao
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • When using LibreOffice Calc, turn on “quoted field as text”
  • gr0undzer0

    Hope to see a new timeline soon!

  • Guest

    It seems that MythDora’s final version was in Apr, 2010.

  • Guinness

    Beautiful graph. I did notice that ROCKS is misplaced. It’s actually a derivative of CentOS, so it’s depicted far upstream of it’s actual position.

  • William P

    SymphonyOS is now using Ubuntu as it’s base (as of 22 Jan, 2014)

  • William P

    Fuduntu has ended support as of 2013-12-28 according to

  • William P

    Synergy looks like it is dead goes to a host parking page.

  • hunt259

    How was this chart created, or what program was used to generate the chart? i have a set of data i would like to display like this.

  • alyosha

    Thanks for the site/graphics!
    [1] Ditto re fuduntu: “discontinued” at
    [2] Fusion is “dormant” at , seems so at sourceforge, latest at is 2011.
    [3] “Kororaa” based on Gentoo has for a few years been “Korora”, a remix of Fedora:

    Edit: Oops, now i see the faint dotted line for the Korora change. Seems many people have a hard time with this: far better to stop the horizontal at the old version and resume it at the new. Best, a

  • appzer0

    Discontinued : GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline. ;)

    Seems that the timeline has not been updated since 2012…

  • Donjan

    Heh, make that “dormant”.
    I’m planning on rewriting gnuclad before I invest more time into the current data format. But now there’s been a big increase in priorities and responsibilities in my life in the last two years… so I’m planning on doing a lot of other things first ;)
    It may happen at some point. And remember: all our data is freely usable under the GFDL!

  • appzer0

    No problem, should be hellish to maintain, considering a ubuntu spin-off is released every week… Thanks for the code BTW, I used gnuclad myself to make an Indie-and-From-Scratch distros timeline, here:

  • appzer0

    I top-replied to you, sorry ;)

  • Jokaer0

    Crunchbang ($!) is listed under Ubuntu but its derived from debian

  • Jokaer0


  • jokaer0

    #! ffs

  • enebro

    Could you include in the next release the KaOS distribution? Thanks!

  • DJLinuxGod

    Android needs to be on this. Yes, it IS Linux.

  • de


  • shirish

    the tool seems to be gnuclad.

  • Carlos Serrano

    Is this gonna be updated?

  • xDR1TeK

    You might not believe it, but i printed it and placed at my desk at work.
    I think it is very important not to focus on distros that can be matched by parent distro. but child distros can help with specific target applciations.
    So I thought it is very important to keep at close hand at all time.

  • clacke

    Maemo, Meego Harmattan, Moblin, Moblin 2, MeeGo, Tizen and Mer are all in the timeline. And Sailfish will probably be in there once the next GLDT release is out. Any year now. ;-)

  • clacke

    See . SuSE is today using RPM, but it never derived its RPM tree from RedHat’s.

  • clacke

    Why is the Internet Archive barred from archiving this amazing resources? Future past-ists would be missing something quite extraordinary if this site every disappeared.

  • clacke

    As people have repeated several times, this is a GNU/Linux timeline. Android is not a GNU/Linux, even though it uses Linux. It doesn’t come with a UNIX-like userspace, not even Busybox (which still wouldn’t make it a GNU distro).

  • Student

    How did you make such a time line?

  • Emanuele Di Matteo

    Hi to all !!! Any news about timeline Linux ?

  • Eloy Anguiano Rey
  • Eloy Anguiano Rey

    Sorry Debian based.

  • isonno


  • AG

    hello all,

    is it possible to install gnuclad in windows. I am thinking of using it to draw a graph of our products that has so many variants. I struggle with linux but if someone could point me out to a tutorial (or help), it would be great.

  • xavierfaucon

    Hello, everytime I see this tree I am thinking “what a nice job” :) A question arise to my mind: is there any table with the following data wrapped together: Distribution name / Parent distribution / Root Parent distribution / Number of childs distributions. Would love to see the statistics!

  • JAG

    still struggling to install this, linux newbie here. any help please..

  • Lolix
  • Shannon Barber

    It is a Linux distribution.
    Is is not a GNU distribution.

  • Shannon Barber

    This is about the history and the history is it started with Ubuntu.
    Perhaps discontinue it and then make a new one with the same name for the rebase.

  • Jimmy Gregorio

    No, that’s a Hashbang, not a crunchbang.

  • Murat Boyar

    Could you add Raspbian and Armbian those are Debian derivatives?

  • Lolix
  • Lolix
  • Lolix
  • Lolix
  • Alejandro

    Great job! Thanks a lot! keep it doing, please!