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GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.2

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  • First release using gnuclad.
  • New database: CSV spreadsheet + conf file.
  • Improved SUSE derivates.
  • Added a few distros.
  • Lots of small corrections.

GNU/Linux distro timeline 9.3

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  • Maintenance release. The timeline is kept at February as in version 9.2.
  • Lots of file/data cleanup.
  • Fixed: Arch (no direct CRUX code), Gobolinux (duplicate), ROCK (renamed from Rock, moved to summer 1998)
  • Added 1 distro (GoboLinux replacement): µClinux (one of the most wide spread embedded Linux distros)
  • Contributors: Rob Mills and dcecchin
  • Changed README and created CONTRIBUTE folder (contents: CHANGELOG, INFO, TODO, SUGGESTIONS, distribution_data.ods)

GNU/Linux distro timeline 9.2

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  • Discontinued 15 distros: Annvix, ATmission (dormant 3+ years), Aurox, Bluewall, FoX, GNU-HALO, Edubuntu (now addon-CD), ELX, Kororaa, Kurumin, Linspire, Morphix, Sauver, Trustix, ZoneCD (might be revived based on Gentoo)
  • Continued: All others, notably the following: alinux (DistroWatch:dormant), Bioknoppix (DW:dormant), Impi (DW:discontinued, it’s not), Nitix (DW:discontinued… it’s actively maintained by IBM for Lotus Foundations), SymphonyOS (DW:dormant)
  • Revived: none (just a few control samples checked)
  • Fixed: rPath (not a RedHat fork, designed from ground up by two ex-RedHat engineers), Ututo XS, VLOS (VidaLinux)
  • Added 50 distros: Absolute, Clonezilla Live, Coyote, CrunchBang, DNALinux, Dreamlinux, Easy Peasy, Feather, Finnix, Fluxbuntu, GeeXboX, Gentoox, Gibraltar, GoblinX, GoboLinux, gOS, Granular, Hikarunix, K12, Kaella, Kalango, Kiwi, LEAF, Linpus, MOPSLinux, Musix, NepaLinux, Nitix, OpenGEU, Papug, ParallelKnoppix, PelicanHPC, Pentoo, Poseidon, PureOS, SAM, Slackintosh, Slamd64, SLAMPP, Tinfoil Hat, TinyMe, Topologilinux, Trisquel, Tuquito, U-lite, Ututo-e, Simplis, Vine, Wolvix, ZevenOS
  • Contributors: Jake Neumann, Azure Cerulean, David Hill, Norbert Cartagena, Líus Fontenelle Carneiro, guillaume and Meric B. Mara
  • Changed README and created CONTRIBUTE file.

GNU/Linux distro timeline 7.6

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  • Added 50 distros: Armed, Asianux, Momonga, Berry, Bogus, Tao, Aurora, Backtrack (WHAX, Whoppix, Auditor Security Linux), BeatrIX, Shabdix, Bioknoppix, Linux Universe, eIT easyLinux, Bayanihan, MINI, Monkey, Ututo, AnNyung, BU Linux, Voltalinux, DOSLINUX (DILINUX), Bluewall, BinToo, LinuxPPC, Eridani, blackPanther, Happy, grml, BioBrew, Miracle, Kondara, Immunix, ELX, LinuxInstall, HP Secure, EvilEntity, SuperRescue, AUSTRUMI, BOSS, Bluewhite64, Trans-Ameritech, WGS Linux Pro, Xdenu, Craftworks, Linux-FT, AsianLinux
  • Fixed Progeny, KANOTIX/Sidux, DeLi, Fedora (Fedora Core), Annvix (OpenSLS)
  • Renamed to “GNU/Linux distro timeline” and licensed it under GFDL.
  • Contributor: D. Gimpelevich, Andrea, Henrik, M. Prokop, D. Hill.
  • Finally a SVG version, thanks to the very helpful A. Uroševic.

Linux distro timeline 7.5

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  • Added 34 distros: gNewSense, Linux Mint, Sidux, How-Tux, Skolelinux, e-smith/SME Server, Eurielec, SmoothWall, IPCop, Ulteo, Impi, Trustix, Elive, ALT Linux, Annvix, ATmission, Kurumin, Aurox, StartCom, Caixa Mágica, DARKSTAR, NimbleX, Sauver, DeLi, DeMuDi, GoboLinux, Parsix, Gnu-HALO, DSL-N, KnoppMyth, ZoneCD, nUbuntu, Oz.
  • Fixed Turbolinux/United Linux, Ubuntu/Freespire, Damn Small Linux, PLD, Stampede based on Slackware, Astaro based on SUSE, SLAX.
  • Removed SELinux.
  • Contributors: janet, maco, B4ShHK, Thomas Bliesener, Tsunemi, tarumbar, Smarter, Líus F. Carneiro, Jake Neumann, REVTUX, duder, David Orban, Dylan Griffiths, Lars Strand, Mariusz Mazur and Graham White.

Linux distro timeline 7.2

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  • Added 16 distros: Pardus, Linux From Scratch, SELinux, EnGarde, TAMU, DLD/Delix, LST, Yellow Dog, Turbolinux, Rock Linux, Freespire, openSUSE, United Linux, PLD, Kate Linux/KateOS.
  • Fixed MCC, SLS, Slackware, Libranet, Arch, Frugalware.
  • Contributors: Pawel Michalik, B. Kandemir, T. Ainsworth and D. Gimpelevich.

Linux distro timeline 6.9

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  • Added 3 distros: Ekaaty, Virtual Linux, Beehive.
  • Contributors: tosta and nightwriter.

Linux distro timeline 6.8.4

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  • Added 11 distros: Caldera/SCO, Redmond/Lycoris, Libranet, Peanut/aLinux, Scientific, BLAG, dyne:bolic, Symphony OS.
  • Fixed PCLinuxOS, Source Mage.
  • Contributors: ruskie.

Linux distro timeline 6.8.3

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  • Added 3 distros: SimplyMEPIS, Storm, Progeny.
  • Fixed Vector, Damn Small Linux.
  • Contributors: D. Gimpelevich, Moises, Jeff Self and J. Grindstone.

Linux distro timeline 6.8.2

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  • Added 14 distros: MCC, Yggdrasil, Stampede, Yoper, Sorcerer, Lunar, Source Mage, Enoch, Jurix, Specifix, Guadalinex, Edubuntu, RR4/RR64/Sabayon.
  • Contributors: nightwriter.