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Have a slice.

For all of you perceiving the GLDT as too vast, there is a useful new feature in the just released version 0.2 of gnuclad: slicing subtrees out of the whole cladogram.
Here is a small demonstration on Debian, Slackware and Red Hat.

On a related note, the new release also offers to scan files and directories, as seen with the GLDT folder or, as a larger example, gnuclad’s own hierarchy.

Introducing gnuclad

Donjan Rodic has released a cladogram tree generator named gnuclad – check this cool project out. With the use of his new tool he has completed version 10.2 of the GNU/Linux distro timeline!

Note how the svg version now has links to the corresponding distributions. Open it in your favorite svg-friendly web browser and click the labels voil.