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Our ToDo is your ToDo

… and your ToDo is our – wait, you can keep that to yourself!
However, here is a small list of our immediate ToDo items. Note that the information there is very incomplete, missing or might be right out false.
So: if you are wearing your contribute-to-random-cool-project-on-the-internet shirt and have a bit of spare time at your hands, we’d be thankful to everyone checking out a few of the listed names and entering verified data into our submission form. Of course, you can still keep sending in your favourite distro or scouring the archives on DistroWatch, Wikipedia or LWN.


Here’s a clickable sitemap representing an overview of our current media as of January 2011.

Contribute and get updates

Apart from being able to download the source files (from the tarball) and make your own version with the help of gnuclad, you can now with ease contribute to the GLDT project by submitting new distributions – or suggest changes – by usingthis form.

Also, we now have anRSS feed for updates.

100.000 visitors

Today we celebrate passing 100.000 visitors to the site since we started publishing the timeline here (i.e. no longer on Hooray!