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  • Added 50 distros: Armed, Asianux, Momonga, Berry, Bogus, Tao, Aurora, Backtrack (WHAX, Whoppix, Auditor Security Linux), BeatrIX, Shabdix, Bioknoppix, Linux Universe, eIT easyLinux, Bayanihan, MINI, Monkey, Ututo, AnNyung, BU Linux, Voltalinux, DOSLINUX (DILINUX), Bluewall, BinToo, LinuxPPC, Eridani, blackPanther, Happy, grml, BioBrew, Miracle, Kondara, Immunix, ELX, LinuxInstall, HP Secure, EvilEntity, SuperRescue, AUSTRUMI, BOSS, Bluewhite64, Trans-Ameritech, WGS Linux Pro, Xdenu, Craftworks, Linux-FT, AsianLinux
  • Fixed Progeny, KANOTIX/Sidux, DeLi, Fedora (Fedora Core), Annvix (OpenSLS)
  • Renamed to “GNU/Linux distro timeline” and licensed it under GFDL.
  • Contributor: D. Gimpelevich,?Andrea, Henrik, M. Prokop, D. Hill.
  • Finally a SVG version, thanks to the very helpful A. Uro?evic.