GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.4

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  • Discontinued distros: none
  • Added distros (total 360): Archie (AL-AMLUG), Dax OS, kademar (K-DEMar), Librassoc, LinHES, Ubuntu SE, Underground Desktop, Voyage, Wifislax, Wifiway
  • Added connectors: Arch->ConnochaetOS, Arch->Underground Desktop
  • Contributors: Christophe Poucet, david, Jerome Warnier, naddia, passstab, Víctor Fernández Rico
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4

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  1. gOS is discontinued in February. And the GLDT itself is the best Linux list (of distros) I’ve ever seen. It is really useful and impressive. Keep up the good work.

  2. @lolox:
    You’re welcome!

    Well, it should contain GNU and Linux parts, and be a project in it’s own right (not just a retheming of another distro, or a non-serious attempt).
    If this is given, and if precise start/end dates are known, then it falls right here 😉
    Seriously, your and everyone’s help is welcome!

    Thanks for the compliment, glad you like it =)
    Would you happen to have a link about gOS’ demise at hand? Their page is down and Wikipedia/DistroWatch don’t imply February 2011 as end date.

  3. @zemane:
    Thank you for your kind words.
    (Darwin is not a GNU/Linux OS.)

  4. @zemane:
    You’re welcome 🙂

    Im afraid Darwin is not a GNU/Linux distribution.
    It runs on a custom XNU kernel (a hybrid of the Mach and BSD kernels) and contains parts of GNU along with NeXT, but our current policy is to require both GNU and Linux.
    Otherwise we would include nice projects like Nexenta, Arch Hurd or Android… but they simply dont fit the inclusive GNU/Linux category 😉

  5. how may linux distro in this current(1104)version?
    this is a really excellent timeline tools.

  6. @Stefan12345:
    Yep, we have to find a fitting end date though. Interested in looking into it?

    You’re welcome 🙂
    An overview of the graphical evolution of the GLDT can be found here:
    The green numbers are the distro counts, and since we’re adding 10 each month, 11.4 has 360 distros.

  7. @Donjan Oh sorry, I missed the question. Yes, it is discontinued on September, but theirs site is down on early March

  8. Maryan Linux is discontinued on 14 July 2010.
    Trisquel and Nova are based on Ubuntu and Dreamlinux is based on Debian now.
    Kaella, DSL and Slax are dormant but active.

  9. @Stefan12345:
    Thanks a lot. For the rest: see email.

    Thank you.
    We already have this change represented as a connector, which will have to do until the rebasing visualisation in gnuclad is ready.

  10. @Stefan:
    Let’s keep this in English so everyone can understand 😉

    We already have a huge amount of distro listings (here, here, here or even simply DistroWatch), what we need are not names, but the corresponding dates with links (release announcement, changelog, …) to prove them. Hence our ToDo article.

    I’ve sent you a few mails to your Gmail address (one for every distro you submitted via the form, and then two more iirc), didn’t they arrive?

  11. I was looking at your list out of curiosity. It’s nice to be able to see the ebb and flow of things in our own little world 😀 Thank You so much! That being said I noticed something that I believe to be an error. I’ll look into it further and try to get back to you. PeppermintOS to my knowledge was derived from Linux Mint.

  12. Sorry the correct webaddres is

  13. @Mariangela Petrizzo:
    Canaima is right there above the Debian line in 2009.

  14. @Stefan:
    Not over 🙂

    And I’ll come back to your mails and contributions, it’s just that I’m extremely tight on time right now…

  15. I’m extremely glad to here that it is still being developed. This timeline has been extremely helpful in my research paper on the history of Linux. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  16. ALT Linux looks a bit lone but due to its highly developed and public build infrastructure it has always had derivatives:
    – Inquisitor was long based on ALT but “rebased” to Debian later;
    – Optifacio ApplianceWare was being developed in Minsk, Belarus;
    – Clustrx HPC OS was forked for top500 hackery;
    – Seiros PBX competed with trixbox in Russia;
    – Simply Linux (XFCE desktop) has rather merged back since.

    There was even one “raider” fork but I’ll not name it. 🙂

    Thanks for the huge and beautiful work!

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