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  1. damn… looks good!

    but … where is android?..

    Android is a Gnu/Linux natural os and open source =/

  2. @InFlamesJuan:
    Thanks, glad you like it πŸ™‚
    As for Android, it doesn’t contain GNU code. Please read Claes Wallin’s comment and my reply here.

  3. @Galin:
    Pray tell, what exactly is wrong with the current (fixed) representation of Kororaa?
    Keep in mind the connector legend presented below the blue box.

  4. Kororaa is currently based on Fedora, not on Gentoo! I submitted a request, you forgot, ok, it’s understandable, but again?

  5. @Galin:
    I suspect you didn’t see the change or misunderstood. As Donjan said it was already fixed and it’s clearly stated in the changelog for the last version. See the dotted line from Kororaa to Fedora? It means code rebase (just like the legend says).

  6. OMG. Sorry guys. πŸ˜€
    But shouldn’t there be another dot on the Fedora line called “Kororaa”?

  7. @Galin:
    Nevermind πŸ™‚
    No, the current layout will have to do. It will change to a clearer representation eventually, when I find enough time to rewrite core parts of gnuclad. (scheduled but not too high a priority for me right now)

  8. I found a few errors for the DEFT ‘distribution’:
    1) First release was in November 2005, not end of 2006.
    2) Version 3 (dec 2007), 4 & 5 are based on Xubuntu
    3) Version 6 switched again, now to Lubuntu since 11 Jan 2011.

  9. Navigatrix is a complete operating system for your computer. It is put together by people on boats for people on boats. Based on Ubuntu.

  10. What about SystemRescueCD?

    Also what about options for gnuclad to do things like filter by parent distro? Say I wanted to see all of the descendants of Red Hat or Debian? i.e –include=”Red Hat”

    Or exclude specific distros i.e. –exclude=”S.u.S.E”

    Or include exclude distros with fewer than X descendants? –exclude-with-fewer=3 or –include-with-more=3

    Just brainstorming… Great project no matter what.


  11. Where would “Linux Mint Debian Edition” fit in? (I couldn’t find it).

    Where Linux Mint is based off of Ubuntu, LMDE is actually built right off of Debian 6, and “skips” the Ubuntu step so to speak. I’m thinking Linux Mint Debian Edition should get a fork straight off of Debian. It was first released in October of 2010.

  12. ClearOS (formerly named ClarkConnect) is a Linux distribution, based on CentOS

  13. @Carlo:
    Thanks. I’ve checked back with the devs, who confirmed your data except for the third version release (which is 2007-01-28). The base has been Kubuntu at the beginning, but Ubuntu-ish for the subsequent releases until basing on Lubuntu for the most recent one.

    I’d be happy to add it, but please submit a bit more detailed information.

    There is an option for slicing, simply add
    slice = “Red Hat”
    to your config file. Currently no other filters are implemented.

    As for SystemRescueCD… luckily for you, they have a very nice ChangeLog directly accessible from their front page, otherwise I’d send you to the form πŸ˜‰

    Yes, LMDE has emancipated itself so far as to merit an own line. Thank you for the pointer.

    We already list ClearOS/ClarkConnect, but thanks anyway.

  14. @hello:
    Yes, ClearOS is obviously not directly from Fedora. But why are you stating this?

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