GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.10

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  • Discontinued distros: none
  • Added 10 distros (total 400): AtheOS, BrazilFW, Dream Studio, Garuda, Leka Rescue Floppy, Linux Mint Debian, Syllable, SystemRescueCD, Tirwal, Vyatta
  • Added connectors: Lubuntu->DEFT
  • Fixed: DEFT, Debian->CrunchBang connector
  • Contributors: Alan, Alexandre Singh, ArcturusAVNR, Carlo, Connor, Javier, Maarten, Paul, Pasi Rajala
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4

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  1. Thanks for doing this! This is such a cool project! I am having it printed out – it’s a great decor for my cubicle.

  2. @Stefan:
    Thanks, we will πŸ™‚

    Thanks, but we’ll have to wait until there is an actual release of Tizen.

    You’re right! Syllable Server is Linux based, and thus I’ve assumed that it’s conjenctured parent is as well. Will be fixed in the following release. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. I think I mentioned a few years ago when I e-mailed you, but this is a great poster. I have been thinking about making a full-sized poster of it for the benefit of our Linux User Group, Felton LUG.

    One observation though: I know CrunchBang started out as a Ubuntu-based distro, but it is now based on Debian (and I think that change is recent, say within the last six to nine months. I think.). You may not need to change this now, but you might want to consider it in a future poster.

    Thanks again.

  4. Wow, excellent job!

    I’d recommend adding TurnKey Linux (based on Ubuntu) – its been around since 2008 – you should take a look.

  5. Hi there, great pic ….. but there is one i know that is missing. It is called OzUnity.
    It is made by the Australian branch of Ultimate Edition. It is an Ubuntu remix. It has been round for over a year, had over 50,000 direct downloads and there has been 3 OS released.
    OzUntiy debut – 32bit Ubuntu 10.04

    OzUnity Redux 64 Bit Ubuntu 10.04

    OzUnity Onyx 64 Bit Ubuntu 11.04

    OzUnity Black Opal 64 Bit Ubuntu 12.04 will be released in May 2012

    Go check it out ……

  6. One small correction: NLD and SLED were forked off of SLES, not SUSE. (Of course, SLES/SLED were frequently rebased against the SUSE/openSUSE trunk.)

  7. This is indeed a great project, and brings a light into all the distro’s of linux. I did not even know there where this much. But also, more then 400 distro’s !!! Is that not a big problem ?

  8. @Larry Cafiero:
    Glad you like it πŸ™‚
    About CrunchBang, we do have a “rebasing” connector from Debian, so this is somewhat accomodated.
    It’ll get nicer and clearer visuals as soon as I get enough (=lots of) free time to rewrite this portion of gnuclad, which will happen at some point but is on hold right now.

    Thanks to you.

    @John Manning:
    As for TurnKey, would you mind pointing us to a change log or the first release announcement? Best via this form.

    Android comes up from time to time… while it uses the Linux kernel, it actually isn’t a GNU/Linux distribution, as essential parts have been replaced.
    We might start including such distros (like Nexenta, Arch Hurd, …) in the future, but for now it has to be GNU and Linux.
    WebOS on the other hand uses binutils, glibc and quite a bunch of other crucial GNU tools plus the Linux kernel, so good catch there! Luckily, there’s even a nice release history available on the Wikipedia page πŸ™‚

    I’d be happy to include it with a bit more info.

    @Joe Shaw:
    Thanks for the correction, but could you please back it up with published (online) data? I’m very interested in more precise info on the SUSE family, as it seems hard to come by these days.

    While the fragmentation might be considered problematic by some, keep in mind that many distros are started as training/practise projects or to fill a very specific niche, which means that this work probably couldn’t be efficiently pooled into the more mainstream efforts.
    By the way, we don’t even have half the distros out there. We have a small ToDo list of more than 200 entries, the folks over at DistroWatch have more than 700 and even they are picky about what to include πŸ˜‰

  9. Hello,

    thanks for the timeline, very well done.

    Would you consider adding :

    – Meego (discontinued): merge of Maemo and MobLin

    – Tizen (September 2011) continuation of Meego

    – Mer (September 2011): community continuation of Meego using Meego’s codebase

    Please have a look at Tizen’s Wikipedia page.


  10. @Callum M:
    Guess what… you just need a correct and verifiable start date πŸ˜‰

    Meego is already in there. Tizen and Mer would have to put out releases to get added, so far they are just announcements of intent.

    @Stefan Mueller:
    Glad you like it!

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