GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.1

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  • Discontinued distros: gnuLiNex, gOS
  • Added 11 distros (total 410): Bodhi, Exherbo, FireFly, Pear OS, Kwort, MAX, mkLinux, Tails, Viperr, webOS, XBMC Live
  • Added connectors: Gentoo->Chromium OS, Ubuntu->Deepin, Red Hat->MkLinux
  • Fixed: AtheOS (no Linux kernel), swapped Syllable (no Linux kernel) for Syllable Server, DOSLINUX website, nUbuntu end date
  • Contributors: 幻 (tianyizhihuan), Adam McDaniel, AKP, Bernhard Frauendienst, David B. Cortarello, dothebart, Gonzalo Alcalde, Ingmar Vanhassel, James Snyder, Javier Rodríguez Pascua, Jeff Bower, Jeff Hoogland, knowitall, Pablo, Sergio Conde
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4

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  1. @IK : CrunchBang is Debian based since Statler Alpha1 🙂

    I don’t know who added Viperr (I am behind this derivative), so thanks a lot to you dear unknown contributor !

  2. Thank you all for your suggestions, in the future please consider using the “Submit distribution” form in the menu — it’s also for corrections — to make sure we don’t miss anything. That way we get a nicely formatted message sent to us directly.

    Altuzar: Cool! We have been playing around with different ways of displaying “popularity”, for example with the line thickness – but this is also an interesting way of doing it. Might be useful. If you have more ideas or find out an even nicer way to do it design-wise, keep us updated!

  3. What about MINIX aka MINUX?
    by Andrew S. Tanenbaum included with his book in 1987. (Currently up to MINIX 3.0)
    followed by Torvald’s Linux?


    According to the above, Ututo is based on Gentoo–just FYI. Somewhat important, actually, considering that no other Gentoo-based distributions are fully free software (on the list above).

    Of course, my luck, it’s focused on Spanish speakers.

  5. @mar04:
    Thanks, though a tad more precision wouldn’t hurt 😉 (links, announcements… stuff we have to find anyway if we want to end the line… nevermind, I’ve looked for the last developer activity in their translated forum)



    Minix is not a GNU/Linux distribution.

    @Arne Babenhauserheide:
    Exherbo is influenced by Gentoo, but not a derivative. This is modeled by the very thin (hardly visible because of the colour) connector between the two.

    @Mark Holmquist:
    Yes, Ututo has been Gentoo-based since early 2002. Again this is modeled by a connector, though Gentoo’s colour makes it somewhat camouflaged 😉

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