GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.2

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  • Discontinued distros: Chaox, Damn Vulnerable Linux, KateOS
  • Added 10 distros (total 420): 0, Arch Linux ARM, FREESCO, LliureX, Manjaro, MNIS, Nature’s Linux, Pingo, Project Ballantin, Unifix
  • Added connectors: Kubuntu->Netrunner
  • Contributors: appzer0, Clemens Tönnies, Dan, David Greekas, Ed Koenig, Esashi Net Groove Administrator, Kaspar Bumke, LliureX Team, mar04, Markus Hagenlocher, Neschur, Pablo, Pierre Morel, Rok Papež, siarhei
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4

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  1. @Diego:
    Ututo has been based on Gentoo since 2002, as is displayed by a (admittedly somewhat hard to see) connector. If you have any evidence of Ututo being an Enoch fork, we’d be glad to include it!

  2. @donjan
    On your chart, Ubuntu is shown –erroneously– as *parent* of CrunchBang;
    CrunchBang *should* be connected and shown as direct child of Debian.

  3. Remmembner Chakra is originaly based on Arch but NOW is Completly independant
    Frugalware use ArchLinux’s package manager Pacman (ojk a Pacman fork exactly)
    If you want more Archlinux Deribates you can bbrowse the ArchLinux Wikia and if you are lucky fount the entire lis for proyect (around 50 incluiding actives and inactives)
    Finally in words of Juddit Vinet Arch Founder, Arch have inpiration on CRUX

  4. Thanks so much for your effort!

    I downloaded all your files but seems that it’s not possible to generate an XML file with them? Is there a way to do it?


  5. I don’t know what your criteria are for marking a distribution as discontinued, but the HostGIS website your chart links to says that development stopped in 2010.

    Great work on this chart, by the way.

  6. White Box Linux hasn’t been updated since 2007, and is effectively discontinued. Listed as “dormant” on the DistroWatch page.

  7. I think that you should probably push a new version, even if you have only 5 or so additions. Few corrections, too.

  8. @bastiaan:
    Thanks 🙂

    Yup, but that doesn’t change history. Not sure how to represent “now completely independent”…
    As for derivatives, there’s plenty of that. What we need are more precise dates, for example for the distros on this list.

    Already implied by the connector at 2010.1.9.

    Thanks, I thought I included that already, but alas, it’ll go in right now 😉

    Have you downloaded and compiled gnuclad?
    If yes, just run the script (bash or any other terminal emulator on GNU/Linux and OSX, cygwin on Windows) and it should build itself.

    Good point… hmm, 2010 is a good stoppage point, since they last released in late 2009 and there is no mailing list activity whatsoever for 2010. Thanks for spotting that!

    Thanks, I’ll take Aug 2009 as end date, since this is the point of the last blog activity, and the year the mailing lists dried up.

    Thanks 🙂

    It’s not the lack of additions, but rather the sloppy dates on the vast majority of submissions. A pretty tedious job to track everything down, as you know yourself. Plus I had a bad case of Real Life during the last few months 😉
    Btw. working on an update…
    If you want to invest a bit more time helping out, ask Andreas to put you on the submission feed.

  9. @f7f56f969ad7d20a4e5010315a0a6bd7:disqus Thank you for the information, but with this way it build me a .svg if i’m not wrong? I would like to have an .xml file if this is possible, like that for example :

  10. Ah, since a SVG is just a XML file anyway, I assumed this is what you meant.

    You could filter the SVG with some text processing, but this is less convenient than just getting the data from the CSV.

    If you want automatic output for your particular XML schema, you’d have to put on your C++ hat and write a new generator for gnuclad (to which I’d say yay!)… check the documentation in the gnuclad tarball (doc/index.html and the Programming topic) and compare with the existing generators (src/generator/…). Should be fairly straightforward to get what you’ve shown.

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