GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 12.9

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  • Discontinued distros: ASP, HostGIS, White Box
  • Continued: Ubuntu Christian Edition
  • Added 50 distros (total 470): Airinux, Amahi, Ångström, ArtistX, Asturix, BackBox, Bedrock, BlackRhino, Bridge, CAINE, Commodore OS, DeLi(cate), Descent|OS, Draco, DRBL, Elementary OS, ELinOS, Hadron, INSERT, KaeilOS, LDR, Liberté, Mandragora, Matriux, Mer, Monomaxos, OpenEmbedded, OpenMediaVault, P@xtreme, Phinx, Polippix, Proxmox, PUIAS, quantOS, Red Ribbon, ROSA, Sage Live CD, SecUntu, ServOS, siduction, Snowlinux, srvRX live, Tango Studio, Tizen, Ubuntu Studio, UserLinux, VINUX, Xamin, Xebian, Zenix OS
  • Added connectors: Arch->Liquid Lemur, Ubuntu->LliureX, Ubuntu->Amahi, Ubuntu->Caixa Mágica, Debian->Finnix, Debian->Airinux, Debian->ArtistX, Ubuntu->ArtistX, OpenEmbedded->KaeilOS, Debian->Zenix OS
  • Renamed: SAM->SAMity, Ylmf->StartOS
  • Fixed: Finnix (Red Hat), gnuLinEx (dates), Ark (website), CentOS->SME connector, removed Debian->LMDE connector
  • Contributors: Markus Hagenlocher, 幻, Alex Zimmerman, Andrey, Azis Naufal, Bassett, Brian Tomlinson, Burak Sezer, Daniel Atalaya, Gavin, Hasan Görmüş, Ismael, Ivan Petrov, Jalal Rohani, Joseph, Matthias, Marco H, Mitch Spinard, No GUI, Pablo, Phil, Ryan Finnie, Shane, Stefan Ivanović, Stefano Antiga, Thirawoot
  • Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4
  • When using LibreOffice Calc, turn on “quoted field as text”

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  1. @D.M.:
    Somehow I interpreted too much into the various pieces of info. Thanks, will be fixed in the next iteration.

  2. Hi, I ran into your timeline today in Wikipedia and appreciate it very much.
    What I have to point out though, is that Ylmf OS claimed to be not based on Ubuntu since 4.0(the announcement is chinese only, but you can see the DistroWatch page:, and thus being completely uncompatible with the previous versions.I don’t think it should go forward on the same line any more.
    And there’s another issue about Deepin. I don’t know much about Hiweed but Deepin is clearly based on Ubuntu( hope you can make the correction in the next release.

  3. Hi Everybody!I would like to know, which software did you guys draw up the timeline diagram on the wikipedia with. I would be very thankful if someone emails his/her answer to msanbari@gmail.comBest regardsBabysatch

  4. Hi Everybody!!
    I would like to know, which software did you guys draw up the timeline diagram on the wikipedia with. I would be very thankful if someone emails his/her answer to
    Best regards Babysatch

  5. @lixiao:
    Thanks for the pointers. Deepin is designated as Ubuntu-based, see the connector at the name change.
    We’re trying to reduce line proliferation, so I’m not a fan of putting distros on a separate line. Will look closer into it, or probably pre-mark it for independence rebasing… because eventually gnuclad will have arbitrary rebasing… it’ll happen in this century, I promise! (also e.g. Deepin will then reflow down to Ubuntu)

    The images are generated by a little tool called gnuclad, there’s a link at the top right.

  6. Hi – Any guidance anywhere on how to configure the title bubble gnuclad uses?

  7. Sure, check the infoBox… properties in either the example directory or the documentation (doc/index.html in the tarball).

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