GNU/Linux Distro Timeline 10.11

Discontinued distros: nUbuntu Continued: Edubuntu, gnuLinEx, Maemo (still supported) Added 10 distros (total 310): 4M, antiX, Arch Hurd, Devil-Linux, Fusion, Linkat, NST, RIP, Webconverger, xPUD Fixed: Moblin (first Debian-based, then Fedora) Added connectors: Debian -> Aurora OS, Fedora -> Moblin, Fedora -> MeeGo Contributors: Eleftherios Kosmas, Gerard Braad, Joel Krueger, Xavi Aranda Removed Red Hat […]

GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.7

Added 10 distros (total 270): Canaima, Damn Vulnerable Linux, Lubuntu, Macpup, Openfiler, openmamba, SliTaz, SMS, Tiny SliTaz, QiLinux Fixed: GoblinX renamed to Imagineos Improved infobox: bigger Tux! (with GNU) Improved logos: now using icon field instead of including external images Contributors: Pascal Bellard, Gardouille, Jason Porter and Flamel Canto Works best with gnuclad 0.2 (experimental)