Canned Distros

After a short break, we present you a preview of the soon to be ready GLDT 11.6 in the form of conveniently packed slices for longevity and maximum enjoyment of your personal favourite distribution: Arch, Debian, Fedora*, Gentoo, Knoppix, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Slackware and Ubuntu. * Note that the Fedora tree is grossly underrepresented […]

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.4

Discontinued distros: none Added distros (total 360): Archie (AL-AMLUG), Dax OS, kademar (K-DEMar), Librassoc, LinHES, Ubuntu SE, Underground Desktop, Voyage, Wifislax, Wifiway Added connectors: Arch->ConnochaetOS, Arch->Underground Desktop Contributors: Christophe Poucet, david, Jerome Warnier, naddia, passstab, Víctor Fernández Rico Works best with gnuclad 0.2.4


Yo dawg, we herd you like timelines, so we put a timeline in your timeline so you can browse a timeline while you browse…. OK, OK, I’ll stop already. Here’s a graphical evolution of the GLDT from it’s inception up to now.

GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline 11.1

Discontinued distros: none Added 11 distros (total 330): 64Studio, Arabian, Chromium OS, Lihuen, LinuxConsole, MoonOS, OpenWRT, Swift, Ultimate Edition, Unity, Zorin OS Fixed: Android (not a GNU/Linux distro) Renamed project to “GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline” Contributors: Claes Wallin, Daniel James, Federico Tello Gentile, The Loeki Works best with gnuclad 0.2.2

GNU/Linux Distro Timeline 10.11

Discontinued distros: nUbuntu Continued: Edubuntu, gnuLinEx, Maemo (still supported) Added 10 distros (total 310): 4M, antiX, Arch Hurd, Devil-Linux, Fusion, Linkat, NST, RIP, Webconverger, xPUD Fixed: Moblin (first Debian-based, then Fedora) Added connectors: Debian -> Aurora OS, Fedora -> Moblin, Fedora -> MeeGo Contributors: Eleftherios Kosmas, Gerard Braad, Joel Krueger, Xavi Aranda Removed Red Hat […]

Explaining and observing

First the explaining … Since there were several queries about the meaning and significance of the connector lines, especially concerning S.u.S.E/Jurix and Maemo+Moblin/Meego, here’s a small legend. … and then some observing Comparing the GLDT with the recently introduced BSDT further down, there has been a remarkable explosion of diversity in the early nineties – […]