On layouts and icons

Layouts We’re occasionally experimenting with various layouts, for example this one. Because of the orientation it obviously needs improvements on the overlapping labels, but the fat line option offers a nice graphical cue about a distro’s “fertility”. Comments invited! Icons It has been technically possible to use icons instead of those dots at each distro’s […]

GNU/Linux distro timeline 10.7

Added 10 distros (total 270): Canaima, Damn Vulnerable Linux, Lubuntu, Macpup, Openfiler, openmamba, SliTaz, SMS, Tiny SliTaz, QiLinux Fixed: GoblinX renamed to Imagineos Improved infobox: bigger Tux! (with GNU) Improved logos: now using icon field instead of including external images Contributors: Pascal Bellard, Gardouille, Jason Porter and Flamel Canto Works best with gnuclad 0.2 (experimental)