Q: Why not add Android?

A: Android is indeed a Linux derivative, but it does not include GNU and this is a GNU/Linux timeline.

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  1. i think the point is clear however… capitalism successfully achieved.

  2. With Chrome OS becoming so popular, Microsoft forcing Windows 10 down everyone’s throat, and Macs costing a bazillion dollars, Linux is on the rise again, especially among those of us who work in the tech field. Now would probably be a good time for a Linux Master such a yourself to update this bad boy.

  3. It is unknown because everybody can make his/her/they own Linux distro, so anyway take a look on distrowatch.com and watch an approximation

  4. Dumb question re: solus and pardus. The package manager in solus is a fork of the one in pardus – shouldn’t that mean they are linked?

  5. What is the application thats is used to generate such beautiful graphics?

  6. It’s Donjans amazing little program called Gnuclad – you’ll find the link in the sidebar! Have fun with it.

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